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A technique used in the gardening and landscaping industry to sculpt specific shapes or forms without using heavy machinery. Curbing is available in many different colors, textures, and patterns for your preference (specifically designed with today’s naturalistic landscape design aesthetic).

We offer curbing samples that you can order for free to experiment with the design in your own yard and then order what amounts to a tiny fraction of the amount needed for installation.

The Curbing team has years of experience designing and installing customer-specific curbs. You will see our expertise when it comes to creating curb edgings that are tailored to your landscape and elevation changes.

A lot of thought goes into designing curbs around trees or other obstacles, creating the perfect custom curb edging for you!

We can create any curb design desired by our customers from brick designs to metal textures or even granite patterns in colors like vintage gold, platinum grey, and onyx black.

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We are a company that delivers quality services in Concrete, Brick, and Stonework. Our team is made up of expert craftsmen who take pride in the work they do and are committed to our customer’s satisfaction.

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Common causes of curbs in need of repair

A lot of the time, a curb is in need of repair because it has been damaged by heavy equipment. Curbs can be cracked or chipped when construction vehicles are allowed to drive over them and damage their surface. This type of safety hazard could cause pedestrians to trip on an uneven curb once they cross it, which may lead to injuries or even death.

Dirt and debris

Curbs are often the most exposed part of a street. They can easily become dirty with dirt, leaves, or other debris from passing cars. Curbing that is constantly wet due to water runoff might also accumulate algae growth which will require professional treatment for removal.

Tree roots

Trees planted near curbs may have roots that grow out from the tree's trunk or branches. The roots may become damaged in construction projects and begin growing into the curb, potentially causing cracks to form on a portion of it.


Some types of mould can be found near curbs as they are often dark, moist places. Mould growth comes mostly from water runoff and can affect curbing by discoloring it.


Another problem caused by trees is vegetation that may grow from the roots onto the curb, preventing cars from accessing parking spaces. This type of obstruction usually occurs near properties with tree pits in front of them. Vegetation growth could also need professional attention for removal.

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Building a home is one of the most expensive and important investments you will ever make in your lifetime. You want to be sure that every decision made along the way from floor plan layout, to design features like concrete work, is done with care so that you can have peace of mind when finally walking into your new space. With Frisco Concrete, you can be confident that we are committed to providing outstanding customer service at a competitive price for all types of concrete work. We offer free estimates and consultations, so there’s no need to wait any longer!