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Concrete Staining

Is the process of applying a sealant to your concrete in order to make it look like natural stone or any other color you could imagine. The concrete is durable and low maintenance when left unfinished.

The most popular technique for staining concrete tends to be acid etching followed by a two-part epoxy coating that imparts an acrylic finish. Acid etching is the process of applying hydrochloric acid to your concrete in order to remove all traces of a previous sealant and create a new surface for application. This can be done with anything from an electric drill attachment, or hand-held device that allows you to apply diluted acid very precisely using just enough liquid so as not to etch the entire slab.

The second step in this process is applying a two-part epoxy coating that imparts an acrylic finish, which can be left clear or tinted with any color imaginable for a custom look. This coating will not only seal your concrete against stains and spills but also improve its durability by adding strength to the surface.

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The benefits of using a professional company for staining instead of doing it yourself

Professional Concrete Stainers know what to do and how to make your concrete look like new again. They will use a variety of techniques, from applying the stain, wearing appropriate protective gear such as masks and gloves when needed, brushing it with wood or steel brushes, scraping off any drips or excess before they dry too much without damaging the concrete, and last but not least, they will use a pressure washer to remove any excess or dried stain.

Work with Professionals

Professional companies know how to work with concrete, applying the stain evenly for you in order to minimize your effort and get the best results possible.

Protected and Beautiful Look

Stains will provide a protective barrier against future stains or spills while also giving your concrete a beautiful, new look.

Variety of Colors

Concrete stains come in many different colors so you can choose the perfect one for your home or business.

Professional Concrete Stainers know how to make your concrete look like new again- so why risk doing it yourself?

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Building a home is one of the most expensive and important investments you will ever make in your lifetime. You want to be sure that every decision made along the way from floor plan layout, to design features like concrete work, is done with care so that you can have peace of mind when finally walking into your new space. With Frisco Concrete, you can be confident that we are committed to providing outstanding customer service at a competitive price for all types of concrete work. We offer free estimates and consultations, so there’s no need to wait any longer!